Duntanlich mine will enable the UK to be secure in the supply of Barite for at least 50 years. The mine has the capacity to produce in excess of 120,000 tonnes per year. M-I SWACO have comprehensive quality assurance standards, which exceed ISO9001. The combination of these and other factors mean that MI-SWACO can offer a consistent and reliable supply of Barite throughout the UK and internationally.

Characteristics of Barite

At 4.15 to 4.3 T/m3 Barite is nearly twice as heavy as normal aggregate (for its volume) making it the ideal mineral for adding weight to any product. Barite is inert; it won’t react with any other mineral or chemical and doesn’t leach into the environment. It is non-magnetic making it the perfect solution for magnetically sensitive applications.

Atomic applications

Numerous published studies have shown that Barite significantly improves the attenuation of all radioactive particles and energies. For this reason Barite is a great additive for radiation shielding applications.

Industrial uses

Enquiries are received from civil engineering projects including windfarms, atomic research facilities, harbours and large scale bridge construction.

Product Properties.

  • Density of 4.15 to 4.3 T/m3
  • Hardness of 3-3.5 Mohs Scale
  • Compressive strength of 50mpa

Crushed on site to:

  • Aggregates of various fractions (>= 5mm)

Barite can be milled to:

Product can be bagged, transported in bulk or collected.